Rick and Marian on Texas Builder Magazine Cover

Texas Builder Magazine Welcomes Rick as the 2017 TAB President

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This month’s TEXAS BUILDER magazine dedicated their cover to welcoming Rick as the 2017 President of the Texas Association of Builders.

Rick has been very active in the local, state, and national builder associations for many years. He considers his service to the associations to be a privilege. The fact that the building industry in Texas places such confidence in him is something we are very proud of.

Our Thoughts on Septic Systems

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Septic systems are commonly used in the West Texas areas not serviced by municipal sewage systems. When properly installed and maintained, septic systems can offer years of carefree service. While they are relatively maintenance free, the use of such systems does require some service by the home owner.

The tank should be inspected for blockage whenever a sewer stoppage occurs, and routinely about once a year. It is also recommended that the tank be pumped and cleaned about once every three years. The risk of blockage can be reduced by using toilet paper marked “septic safe”, and by never flushing facial tissue, feminine hygiene products, paper towels and other paper products which do not easily decompose.

Many customers use garbage disposal with septic systems, but this can contribute to more frequent stoppage. Products that should never be introduced to the system include coffee grounds, dental floss, grease, paint products and harsh chemicals.

2010 Parade of Homes Declared a Success!

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The success we are enjoying with the 2010 Parade of Homes is unmistakeable. Just a few days into the 2 week Parade, the public is obviously pleased with our effort. The praise we are receiving has been wonderful.

If you haven’t made it out, be sure you fit a visit into your schedule. We wouldn’t want you to miss any of the fun.

We are at the Orchard Park site, first house on the south side of the street: 3809 110th Street.